Well, the good news is we have a moving date.

The bad news is it’s right by when we have this month’s Small Is Beautiful scheduled. We’re thinking maybe we’ll do one from our phones during the move or we might have to cancel again (I know we haven’t had one for one reason or another since July so I’m itching to get back to holding them.)

Will update you when we know more (it’s possible the broadband might get disconnected for one thing).

🚐 📦 🏡

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@aral Dude.

You're freaking moving.

People can WAIT.

Don't stress yourself over keeping a schedule when you've had so many issues just finding a place and all the crap surrounding this move. Get settled, do a show with rest and say what you want to say THEN.

Seriously. Don't burn out.

(Mister 'continual burnout' here saying "don't be me" which is rude, but... well, sorry about the rudeness.)

BUT WE CAN WAIT. This is your LIFE this affects.

@Aral Balkan I agree with @Sir Garbagetruck! Moving house is stress enough as it is. Don't overdo it, take the time you need to settle, and we'll still be here when you are ready!
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