Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.

@aral And their last post says it all (related to SmallWeb) : «nous faisons le choix –radical– de rester «à taille humaine» et de ne pas ouvrir d’autres postes salariés.»
In (approximate) English : "We are making the – radical – choice to stay human-size and not to create new paid jobs".

I also like : "We like joking a lot because if not, we could get a big-head, and we could forget that we are only human-beings in front of other human-beings."

In French :



They lost my respect by signing this together with so many #GAFAM bootlickers.

@aral Framasoft has signed the letter against Richard Matthew Stallman. (number 20 in Organizations)

How can I trust Framasoft after it?

#Framasoft #Stallman #RMS #GNU #FSF

@Framasoft @aral
> Please: dont.
Do you want to say that the signature of Framasoft is falsed by an impersonator?

#Framasoft #Stallman #RMS #GNU #FSF

@gamliel Hey Gamliel, can you please fuck off and stop harassing @Framasoft? Thanks.

@gamliel @aral

Nope: we're saying that if your trusting us depends on our not signing the open letter with our own reasons, then you should not trust us.

It is OK if you don't trust us. It is OK if we don't share the same values and priorities.

We do not aim to please, we just try to act according to what we believe is important.

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