So I just made my first commit using the new commit message editor I’m making called Comet ;)

It’s looking rough at the moment but progressing rapidly.

Coming soon to the elementary OS AppCenter :)

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I’ve also got a bunch of updates I’ll be making to Watson – the best-practices elementary OS application template – based on my experiences in building Comet as a Vala app for elementary OS.

You can follow the issues here:

Once those are done, I’ll consider Watson ~beta quality.

And once Comet has been accepted on AppCenter and I’ve added anything else I’ve learned to it (and hopefully got some feedback from the community), it should be ready for general use.

And once all that’s done, I plan on writing a few blog posts about the process – which, really, is part of a several-months-long upgrade process and yak-shaving marathon for me from elementary OS 5 to elementary OS 6 – and then getting back to working on building the Small Web.

@aral Can I ask what hardware (assuming laptop) you run Elementary on / you recommend?

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