"The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has sent a "draft decision" (PDF) to the other European Data Protection Authorities on Facebook's legal trick to bypass the GDPR. @noybeu has published the relevant documents today.

In the DPC’s view Facebook can simply choose to include the agreement on data processing in a "contract", which would make the GDPR requirements for "consent" not apply anymore."


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@vanecx @noybeu

The Irish DCP is an absolute mess. As an Irish citizen, I am embarrassed about this to no end.

A few weeks ago, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties published a report on the the DPC's inability to process major GDPR cases. Many large cases must proceed through Ireland because of loads of HQs being in Dublin and Ireland. iccl.ie/digital-data/2021-gdpr

This week, the national annual budget was published here. The DPC received an additional €4.1m in funding pushing their total funds to €23.2m. This news was accompanied by this statement dataprotection.ie/en/news-medi where all is happy and green.

I have been in Ireland now for 3 years and I remain vastly unaware of irish critical citizen movements in the 'technology' area. I wonder if you might know of any @ephemeral @annika @mairin @seachaint @torrejuseppe @aral or other Ireland-close fedi people? Would be keen to support actions in this space.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is what you get when you try to have a tenant regulate their landlord.

Google, Facebook, etc., own Ireland right now.

All they have to do is raise the spectre of pulling out and taking Irish jobs with them to have the government shaking in its boots.

You expect these folks to regulate? If so, I’d like to talk to you sometime about a bridge I’m selling in Brooklyn.

@aral it has also been underfunded. I met the acting commissioner about six years ago, who was so swamped with complaints that they said it would be five years before they answered the current batch of emails. They have since hired about 30 more people to work in the office (at the time the DPC was two people!), but the commission is an intentionally soft roadblock to a tidal wave of offences by big technology companies.

It is potentially a very powerful office.

@ephemeral Again, Ireland is not strong enough to regulate Big Tech.


@ephemeral Regulation must be centrally handled at the EU-level, not within individual countries or Big Tech will simply locate itself in the weakest/most dependent countr(ies) as it has done with Ireland to stave off regulation.

I’m not saying the EU will execute on regulating Big Tech any better (or even that it actually has the desire to do so). I’m just saying it’s stronger than individual states. And this is about power.

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@aral yes fair point. Apologies for other reply which echoes this - crossed wires. Think we are saying roughly the same thing.

@aral @ephemeral I think the moment corporations have been lobbying government politicians, they should be recognized as political organizations.

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