Desktop Linux folks: “I don’t understand why anyone uses Apple’s products.”

And that, dear reader, is why it’s not the year of Linux on desktop.

@aral I think I can imagine what you want to say, but I dont understand this comparison.

Are you comparing proprietary products by a company that actively tries to prevent standards and define the perfection of vendor lock in to the (I tend to agree) imperfect Non-Expert Linux Desktop User Experience?

I think its apples (haha) vs. bananas...


@cybastl I’m saying that the inability to understand why people use Apple’s products is what’s holding FOSS people back from designing experiences (not an operating system) that competes with them.

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@aral sure.

I understand apple users why they want to buy products from a family of easy compatible products easy to use products.

I dont understand them because the products from this vendor are not sooo compatible with the rest of the world (and deliberately limited in functionality to keep this status).

And IMHO this is not because of the outside world alone...

@aral and to conclude: i personally am about to accept the fact that people want something easy. I'm also without any passion about cars. I don't care the brand or if they have fancy-feature-X - as long as they don't spy on my privacy i'm mostly fine and don't care.

And as a tech person you have to accept that people are like this about computers.
So I stopped believing we can make all people change from MS and Apple to FOSS. It might be ideal, but i dont believe it will happen

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