So I just watched the

The new MacBook Pro is a phenomenal device.

Will I buy one?

Hell no.

Why not?

Because Apple is planning on fundamentally violating our privacy by implementing client-side scanning.

So I no longer trust them.

@aral Trust on the hardware should be based on whenever reverse engineering allows to make it yours. Remember Asahi Linux is an ongoing project.

@xerz Trust is based on trustworthy actions. And, going forward, I don’t plan on rewarding Apple’s behaviour with money or anything else for that matter.

@aral Well, physics and logic give ultimate trust beyond whatever software Apple wants to push, *but* the money reward argument (while talking about a multi-trillion dollar company) is much more sound imho

@xerz @aral It's pretty hard to trust them if they own the entire hard and software stack. It's hard enough to trust Intel / AMD with their messed up management engines. But let's see where this is going. No I will not buy. Even if I still did buy Apple products, this is a first gen, that's never their strong release.

@ilyess @Nixfreak @aral yes, even without GPU acceleration it already performs admiral 😎👍

@aral this and also their e-waste buisiness model and the war on the right to repair

@Aral Balkan pinebook pro and mnt reform are good arm devices. i am happy with pinebook pro and i recommend it to everybody.

@aral MacBook Pros also don’t seem to be as repairable as they once were. When my old boy croaks, I might look at a Framework laptop or a a few year old refurbished MacBook Pro.

@aral they literally backtracked on it, and like when compared to others like google or Facebook they are way better. But go on with your ideological Puritanism I guess

And you could still get Linux on your Mac anyway so your point is moot

@louisrcouture They delayed it. And good luck with your Linux on M1 experience. And finally, really bloody hate your attitude and would rather not see your crappy replies in the future so I’m blocking you. Have a nice life.

They've been trying to fix their keyboard for over a decade now. It is never a phenomenal device.

@aral then it is time for you to dispose of any device with a microcontroller ... have fun with the one hundred percent privacy

Bloody hell!
I was going to buy a MacBook (I wanted that M1 chip).

Where did you see the article about client scanning?

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