Love this: I’m editing my slides for tomorrow’s talk at PrivacyWeek using on my elementary OS daily driver and getting an almost real-time preview in the Atem Mini Pro multiview from my Pop!_OS laptop that’s playing the presentation.


Also, note that the MacBook is absent in the setup.

With, I don’t need Keynote anymore and I’ve decided I can live without macros on the Atem so I ditched the Elgato Streamdeck as well as the software for those only runs on Mac or Windows. So my streaming/presentation setup is 100% Linux now: one machine for demos & to stream via the web and one to run the slides from.

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Damn it, I do need the Atem macros after all so the bloody MacBook has to stay.

In the meanwhile if anyone knows of alternatives to the Atem Mini Pro and Elgato Stream Deck that don’t lock you into Windows or macOS, please let me know.

Absolutely love the Atem as a video switcher but their lack of support for Linux will eventually make me give it up if there’s a viable alternative.

Oooh, now doing something I can ONLY do because the slides are web-based. Real-time composition/tweaking of chroma-keyed objects on top of my live video… can’t wait to create a video about that after tomorrow’s talk is over.

(And to see the effect, tune in tomorrow at 7PM Austrian time to watch my talk at PrivacyWeek:

Link to live stream:

@aral seems to be a good team, not engaged in dodgy surveillance?

@markhurst Not to my knowledge. They were quick to implement an option to turn off analytics when I asked them to. Been meaning to get their founder/main dev Hakim on Small is Beautiful; just haven’t had a chance with the move and all.

@aral I wouldn't ditch the Stream Deck so quick. I have watched videos where Martin Winpress uses the Stream Deck on Linux via streamdeck-ui

@aral i've got a possible suggestion. I have a vortex race 3 ( recently.

it has the ability to program macros on board on three alternative "layers". i've never used a stream deck, but i've always imagined it can't be more than a slick way of doing macros/hotkeys, right?

also, linux support is superb on the keyboard. setting it to linux mode by default swaps caps lock and left control.

@tychi Thanks, looks sweet. I guess the bigger issue is the ATEM Software Control…

@aral maybe this helps with your streamdeck on linux:

(I just stumbled across it but never used it myself)

@aral not 100% sure if it matches your set-up and requirements, but I'd like to point you to Bitfocus Companion. This adds #StreamDeck #shotbox and #RemoteControl power to A LOT of professional A/V equipment, including but not limited #BlackMagicDesign #Atem, #Panasonic, #AnalogWay, #Behringer and it is available for GNU/#Linux, too.


(#MIT-licensed, binary require free sign-up)

@metaphil Thanks; it’s what I’m using on macOS but thought it wasn’t available for Linux. Will take another look :)

@metaphil Interesting, so it is available for Linux too according to the repo but their site only lists “ Available for macOS and Windows” (

Thanks again :)

@aral yeah forgot to mentoon that their site doesn't mention Linux, but after logging into the Downloads section there's a Linux button 🤘 (haven't tried that yet, tbh)

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