I see the EU has failed to do away with the archaic ritual of fiddling with the clocks for yet another year.

Psst, did you hear, daylight savings time was created by commies who hate the single market. Pass it on…

(You know, it’s worth a try.)

@aral@mastodon.ar.al i don't know what you mean with created here, but if you mean "first used by", then this is just wrong. it was introduced as a war effort by the german empire & austria-hungary.
if you mean "first discussed" then that would be Benjamin Franklin.


@Johann150 (So to explain the – funny in my mind – joke: the only thing the EU really cares about is the single market and it’s mostly a neoliberal institution so, if they thought it was created by commies who hate their baby, they might actually abolish it.)


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