Making progress on localisation in Comet – my upcoming Git commit message editor for elementary OS.

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Yay! The first version of the Turkish translations are complete for now.

(I’m sure others will improve on my rusty Turkish over time.) :)

@aral How do you like Elementary compared to something like Ubuntu or PopOS?

@punkscience I like that they’re trying to build a sustainable app ecosystem for independent developers. I’d like very much to see it succeed.

@aral Tam olarak ne için bu? Comet yazılımının tercümesi mi? :ablobthinking:

@aral Didn't know you were Turkish.

Why don't you use Pardus? :blobcat3c: (jk)

@aral looks neat, what would be the workflow for it? would you set the git editor as comet?

@kennethdodrill Yep. And, given how I like to do things, it does it for you when you launch it (and you can enable/disable it as you like from the Welcome screen. If you disable it, it actually restores your previously-set editor which it remembered when it activated itself) ;)

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