Mind blown: the Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK created an open source, web-based TV automation system for studios and live shows that’s used in daily live TV news productions since 2018.



…I’m reading up on it after @datacop kindly gave me a link to one of its components a few days ago for controlling an Atem switcher from Linux – it’s a Node app.


(It’s what they used to bridge their Atem to a WebSocket JSON protocol at PrivacyWeek 2021. github.com/oe1rfc/jitsi-stream)

@aral sorry, I didn't have time to do a write-up,
there's also an interesting multiview-touchscreen project based on it: github.com/airbenich/multiview
Also from Endre also via mqtt: github.com/endreszabo/av-autom


@datacop No worries; there are only so many hours in the day :)

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