I had a "how to do cross-platform UI with Flutter" blog post (down to widgets) in the works but now I don't have to thanks to @whiplashoo. Caveat is I'd be doing it with Yaru for #linux native look/feel as well as Mac and Windows. #flutter #flutterdev blog.whidev.com/native-looking…

@hankg So they “look and feel” native but do they function exactly the same? Are they accessible?

@aral I can take the two questions in a few ways. They are not actually using native widgets AFAIK it's about look/feel and expected behaviors when interacting with them. However I believe that's all being emulated.

@hankg In my experience, that’s very difficult if not impossible to do properly (and a moving target). What you end up with is something that looks like a duck but barks. And, usually, is lacking in accessibility.

If it’s not native, it’s actually better if it doesn’t look native either so it doesn’t create expectations it cannot meet.

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@aral That's an interesting point about trying to not look too native as to not throw people off. The Flutter site has a bunch on accessibility for mobile and web but nothing for desktop right now. Desktop is just hitting beta so not sure if that's a documentation oversight or a lack of ability though. flutter.dev/docs/development/a…
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