Remember kids, the correct click is the right click.

@aral some people may hate NFTs but they are built on top of solid tech base. Unlike some questionable projects like nano. So it seems for me like reject the best embrace the worst situation. It can be acceptable for a crypto enthusiast who want to experiment with different crypto projects and compare. But promoting nano exclusively by a person who is not related to crypto seems a little scammy.

@p2 Yeah, man, my two-person not for profit and I are out to scam folks. That’s why we do what we do, build the things we do, and live our lives the way we do.

Here’s are some ideas, I’m not saying do them, just putting them out there to spark introspection:

- Stick your NFTs up your ass (you might need to move your other “crypto” to one side to make room)
- Fuck off
- Once you’re done fucking off, fuck off some more
- Now keep fucking off

@p2 @aral "solid tech" that has still not shown a single non-scammy use case...

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