We need a new word for cunt that adequately describes what Elon Musk is.

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@aral also maybe a non-misogynistic one, maybe. Just an idea... 🤷

@ryan_harg Oh, sure, feel free to riff off of dick if that’s better :)

@aral which aspect of his cuntness is needing new lexicon, exactly?

@aral We don't need a new word. We already have a word that adequately describes such cuntness. The word is Musk.

@aral Maybe "Elon" ... E.g. "I've had it with these elons making life awful", "Get away from me you elon"

Or "felon" but it rhymes with "elon"

Ach, I see others have proposed "Musk" along the same lines...

Thanks Mr Musk for giving us a new word for cunt.

@bigblen @aral
I agree with "Elon". The rest of the Elons csn change their names if they want.

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