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Hi @marco !

Well, actually, we see ourselves as a small-tech not-for-profit. (hi @aral !)

Being (and staying) small implies not wanting to get everyone's attention, and not wanting to get everyone using our services (we want to decentralize, more than to grow).

This is why we consider that all our service-hosting and popular education (cultural commons) actions are aimed to a French-speaking audience.


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On another hand, we think that some of our actions can help decentralization, and we communicate in English about them.

It's software editing, (such as PeerTube and Mobilizon) and sharing our experience (how we degooglized, what we learned from our mistakes).

Those choices are also influenced by the fact that we are a 10-employees team, and just can't switch to a bilingual/English main language.

We just would burn ourselves out.

Sorry -_-...


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