All things aside, I’m happy to hear Kevin’s heading this. Haven’t spoken to him since he joined Apple, but, from the Adobe days, he’s a regular guy who knows his tech and doesn’t have anything to prove. Always liked him. In many ways, the exact opposite of Elon Musk and that’s about as big a compliment as I can muster.

Now, all things considered, would I want a self-driving car by a company that does client-side (read: inside-car) scanning?

No, thank you.


Say your self-driving car had client-side scanning like Apple’s phones, tablets, and computers will soon do… how would that work?

So in Turkey, for example, instead of issuing a long-winded command like “Siri, take me to the nearest police station”, you could mutter “Fuck Erdoğan!” and the car would understand.

It would work the same way in your “smart” home…

Smart tech is so cool, right? Ever wondered who’s getting smarter about whom?

(According to Apple’s justification, none of this will involve a violation of your privacy. Apple won’t know what phrase exactly was matched as it will simply have been given a list of hashes of “phrases used by terrorists” by the Turkish government and that should make you feel better once you’re out in a few years and can use it again.)

@aral The problem is not only Apple or all the other IT companies... The governments want it too. When I see that child abuse is once again used to soften data protection in the EU (slovenian-presidency.consilium)... *sigh*

@aral It's hard enough to trust a non self driving car anymore. #Privacy in cars isn't even on the radar of most people, hence manufacturers can pretty much take any data they like. This will become an increasingly difficult problem with the rise of EVs and worse yet "smart" cars. A car that isn't listening to you, knowing exactly where you are and how you got there while sharing all that data will be very hard to find.

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