Updated my post on applying a chroma key to an image using ImageMagick to trim the images first and also expanded a bit on the equation used in case you want to dive deeper into the math involved.


@aral check out this video I made, it was done entirely using imagemagick to combine and process several images that I then assembled and added sound using ffmpeg. even things like the motion blur on the symbols was done in imagemagick. libre tools are so great.

@Moon Ah, it’s short. Just watched it. Great work. Do you have a write up somewhere? I’m sure lots of folks would benefit from it :)

@aral No, but I can make a write-up. I'll do that and make a blog post about it this weekend!
@aral (I mean, write it up and release the code on codeberg or somewhere)

I realized last week that Spectacle (standard screenshot tool in KDE/Plasma) includes window shadows by default, and has options to include mouse pointer, menus and tooltips. Not sure if it works outside of KDE, though.

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