Late-stage capitalism will see you now.

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"Buy our wildly unimaginative bags with slightly reduced extortion prices. Our bags are a symbol of how we have imprinted our brand on you, and can sell any slave-labor produced crap onto you. Ignorance is bliss. Now spend that money, you ignorant sheep, as Black Friday compels you to do."

@aral Is it required to wear a mask in the streets over there?

@aral is this a photo from California, where it鈥檚 essentially legal to steal as long as it鈥檚 under $900 or so because the state won鈥檛 prosecute? And if so, is that really 鈥渓ate stage capitalism鈥 or corrupt politicians that enact policies that cause crime?

@mike @aral looks like the LV store on Stockton in San Francisco. Probably a side effect of their police defunding effort

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