Free and open source developers use commonplace technologies with low barriers of entry challenge 2021.

Yes, I’m looking at you stalled web project written in Elixir. Bloody Elixir, ffs! *sigh* What, was Guile unavailable?



FOSS devs: why don’t more people contribute to our projects?

Also FOSS devs: our project is written in a functional quantum programming language that John really wanted to play with.

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Hey, so, what does your app do?

Oh, it calls web APIs…

Ah, neat-

…using quantum machine learning algorithms.


I'll admit that I write a fair amount of software which is impossible to work on. Personally I'm not so much for the esoteric languages, more for bizarre code constructs in popular languages. But when I do something weird, it's either for performance or to reduce the likelihood of bugs.

@cjd @aral a good way to reduce the likelihood of bugs is to write code that can be understood by other people.

@aral you're complaint seems more based on fashion than merit or actual look into the codebase itself, with more buzz than a bee.
Jumping straight into elixir has been no more obtuse as python, java, or node.

BEAMVM's memory model might be a bit unfamiliar, but it's not too horrid when compared to any other.

It's not even used to call web API's, but provide them, you can call them just fine in any other language you want.

Misskey is purely written in J and ending with ECMASCRIPT if you want something you're familiar with, the language barrier might not be fun, but quantum machine learning algorithms provide translation for non computer languages already.

@aral This is why I stick to common programming languages, even if they are not fashionable. Bash and Python. They're not breathlessly promoted like Rust, but most people who have used Linux for a while are somewhat familiar with these and they're unlikely to go away any time soon.

Languages like Elixir, Guile or V might have technical advantages but very few people know them which makes the number of potential contributors close to zero.

@bob i have a hunch that the #fediverse would really benefit if more instances were to be built around python / #django

performance-wise it seems just fine (major sites use it) and the flexibility of integrating the vast python universe means all sorts of specialized instances can be developed. #BookWyrm has taken this approach and the possibilities are endless

@aral I've tried programming, I failed 'cause it was too clunky, inconsistent, or I just didn't understand things. Then I encountered a project in elixir and it's literally the reason why I can call myself a developer now.

So, no. Elixir isn't a high barrier for every one; Maybe you have problems with it, and that's fine, but people other than yourself may have different needs and different things they feel comfortable with.
@aral Elixir is very simple and kinda interesting point of view after C.

I still wouldn't write in it but it's easy to read it when code is barely structurized.
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