Introducing Comet: a distraction-free Git commit message editor for elementary OS 6 with spell-check, first line character limit warnings, and emoji support.

You can learn more and install it from:


As always, a big thank-you to @margodeweerdt for her lovely wallpaper illustration, which you can also download from the site.


@aral Woohoo! Looks great, and as always: It was very very very lovely to work on! 💫

@margodeweerdt Thanks, Margo. And ditto, it’s always a joy to collaborate with you. I remain in awe of your work.

@aral I'm really impressed with the attention to detail on the different projects you embark on, Aral, and that you take the time to share the ups and downs of the process. Inspiring!

@rsolva Thanks, Ruben. That’s so lovely to hear :)


@aral yet another very nice and intuitive tool. Great work Aral!

version contol backend modularity query 

@aral this looks fantastic.

Any thoughts on the difficulty of adding pijul ( support on the backend?

Love the interface.

And I've been actively moving off Git for how much better pijul can be at the same task, so I'm curious if additional backends are possible.

version contol backend modularity query 

@eryn Thanks! :)

You know what, I’d say the best thing would be to fork it and make a version specifically for pijul. My plans for Comet are to improve the experience slowly for Git. It would make sense for someone who uses another system, like Pijul, to do so for that. It would be interesting to see which bits stay the same and which change after such a process (& whether it would make sense to refactor common bits out and implement a plugin system, etc.)

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