✅️ Developer
✅️ Uses elementary OS (or Linux-curious?)
✅️ Uses Git


Check out Comet: a lovely little Git commit message editor, just for you 💕

PS. I realise this is for quite a niche audience 🤷‍♂️

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❌️ Not a developer
❌️ Not on elementary OS (or Linux)
❌️ WTF is Git?


Get the lovely Comet wallpaper by @margodeweerdt

(There’s a little something for everyone under the Small Technology Foundation tree this year.) 💕

@aral @margodeweerdt I tried to install Elementary OS in a VirtualBox yesterday, bu I was too stupid to get it working. Debian worked ok, but still trying to find a way to minimize windows there.. :(

@gert @margodeweerdt You were not too stupid. Clearly, there are things that can be improved with the software.

Do you have any details on what didn’t work?

@aral @margodeweerdt No, after the install it went back and asked to do the whole thing again..

@aral is there any plan to remove the dependency on elementaryOS ? At first glance it seems it requires only GTK, but maybe you are using granite in there 🤔

@amdg2 Nope :) This is specifically for elementary OS.

If you’d like a version for GNOME in general, see the fork of my previous app, Gnomit called Commit that’s being developed and maintained by @sonny and is available on Apps for GNOME:

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