You know, I love what @PINE64 are doing (I have two PinePhones, a Pinebook Pro, and the PineTime to play with) but can we talk about how you can’t spot a single woman in any of the community photos on the web site?

@aral @PINE64

No problem, @9gag_girls can definitely provide some images for you to paste in. 😂


@vandys @PINE64 @9gag_girls Hey, guys in free and open source, don’t be this guy 👆

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@aral You're both misguided. How do you know there aren't any in the community photos? If there aren't any I suppose it's because they weren't there? Maybe they were taking the photo? I don't know, but this is a fun puzzle!
@vandys @PINE64 @9gag_girls

@aral Why the snark? We did what you asked. We talked about your question. Do you want us to place blame on PINE64, a specific country, men, or maybe women? Is there even blame to be placed? What would be an appropriate demographic breakdown of a voluntary organization you're not a member of be? Is your post meant to suggest they somehow prevent women from their organization or from their community photos?
@vandys @PINE64 @9gag_girls

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