This is a prototype from Facebook’s (now abandoned) plans to read your mind.

Now do you understand what I mean when I say the business model of Silicon Valley is to farm you like livestock for your data? And that data about you – if you have enough of it and the right algorithms – IS you?

Now do you understand why we need a Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights?

@aral Although the idea is sound, there is something about the word "cyborg" that is remarkably difficult to identify with at a human level. Maybe it's just cultural influence but the word comes across as cold, malign, external. I genuinely don't believe that most people think of their online selves in this compartmentalised "other"-ly way. I don't know what a better term would be but there must surely be one.

@neilalexander Hey, I’m all for suggestions. It’s just the best I could find.

Basically, cyborg rights = human rights. With the focus being that we extend ourselves with technology. That’s why the declaration is just an extension of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ideally, once this is widely understood, you wouldn’t need a separate term.

So the goal of “cyborg” or <insert term here> should be to act as training wheels for the mind; to be removed when no longer necessary.

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