Trickle-down economics is the theory that if I eat both my lunch and your lunch, this will somehow eventually prove nutritious for you too.

(It’s the lie we tell starving people to keep them from slitting our throats.)

@aral it is nutritious, if you like to be shat upon.

Statistics would show that on average you would have eaten 1 lunch each.

@aral we lost the moment we accepted renaming it from the more evocative "horse and sparrow economics"

Switching from a poo to a pee analogy, to make it more palatable. Lol.

@aral The only reason this idea got any traction is because it sounds kinda truthy and it was mentioned a lot in news shows whenever there was some tax bill going through parliament.

The general lack of education about the financial system, and especially tax havens, allows the trickle down myth to continue circulating without much pushback.

@aral Indeed, Keshigesh capitalists eat everyone else's food, too... My Chinese comrades in particular find the translation and this use of Keshigesh, a Cree word, rather humorous. @yogthos

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