Over 170 people, projects, and organisations have signed the web0 manifesto since last night…

…how about you?

@bram there is indeed not much explanation there.🙃

@aral "Web site of signatory" doesn't accept http, unfortunately. I know it should be https, but my site isn't.

@kruthoff Yeah, sadly, that’s by design.

What’s your site running on currently?

@kruthoff Ah, so it’s Wordpress. Looks like there are a couple of plugins that can install free Let’s Encrypt certificates for you.

(I haven’t touched Wordpress in ages so I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.)

@aral Do I need to resign this once the e-mail error thing has been fixed or have I signed it ?

@aral i like the brevity! or did i miss the manifesto?
is it more than the three equations and the two sentences below?

@aral and small is big :blobhearteyes:

but seriously though i'm lacking either content or context? did i actually miss the fuzz on that whole web3 thing?

@ruffni Yeah, it’s the brand they’re trying to push. Started seeing more news reports etc., using the term. Wanted to get ahead of it :)

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