What’s that? Have over 220 people, projects, and organisations signed the web0 manifesto since last night?

They sure have! 🎉

@ARCONITE Sorry, yeah, it does require that the site uses TLS.

What’s your site running on?

@aral all static content, generated from gemtext. self hosted web server deal.

@ARCONITE @aral hey there! You need to have a TLS certificate to sign this, but also you should because it makes your website more secure against some attacks.

Check out to set up HTTPS on your NGINX server. It's free and it only takes a few minutes.

@ariel @aral we have a self signed certificate only. same as our gemini site. figure the same TOFU thing can apply. plain http is fine otherwise for our uses.

@aral Oh I just see this (and signed of course). Strenght, courage and wisdom for this new year ;)

@aral Why require TLS to sign? This feels absurd, not every site needs TLS 🤔

@aral I don't understand why mentioning some libertarianism there even. politics has nothing to do with technologies. theese are orthogonal things. as a developer I stand against blockchain, nft, any gamifications and many more bullshit in web. but I nave nothing against libertarians because their ideas have nothing to do with web or anything else in software.

@aral sorry, but I don't see a text I'm about to sign, is it just the phrase "web0 is web3 without all the corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit" which is to be signed?

@aral actual manifesto seems to be missing and it’s just showing the signatures

@miggyb That _is_ the whole manifesto.

You don’t need to write War and Peace to draw a line in the sand and extend a middle finger ;)

@aral oh! There was a longer writeup somewhere about “decentralized” not meaning “one database copied everywhere” and I think it was on that page before. I might be confused though 😅

@miggyb It’s something I say often but it was never on that page, no :)

That's preposterous.
These new technologies atw definitely based news for freedom and anonymity and life on Earth in general, but I don't think they definitively have root in libertarianism, or conservatism ('right').

I do agree, however, that they're ALL technologies of Silicon Valley B.S. .

We can all get by with HTTP (not HTTPS), and simple HTML. Just never do financial transactions online. Done and done.

Make a pact like that, and I'd definitely consider it.

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