@aral Bunu imzalamak için internet sitemizin olması zorunlu mu?

@melcebi Evet… ama zaten İnternet siten var (Mastodon account’unu kullanabilirsin) ;)

@humanetech Glad to hear it, Arnold – and Happy New Year! :)

@aral metaverse has existed for 5 billion years but the funny buzzwords havent

@aral minus monetization, minus ability to earn, minus time and workforce for growth it because then you'll need to "have real job that brings you money", for some centralized entity :(

@magmaus3 @aral as an smart contract owner - it's not your problem. If you'll deploy it to BSC or other PoS network they're unsignificant. ETH 2.0 is also going for PoS so I don't see the long term problem here.

Moreover - you'll probably deploy your SC to multiple chains. One will have transactions cheaper, other more expensive.

@thecyberd3m0n @aral You can have a decentralised economy which provides those and reduces the need to work for others, which meets those Web0 criteria.

@happybeing @aral crypto IS decentralized economy. What is more decentralized?

@happybeing @aral but we need to take down old capitalism too. It's great vision but unimaginable with both Republicans or Democrats.

@thecyberd3m0n @aral I agree we need fundamental change and one way to push for this is to work on solutions which provide alternatives. If those are good enough, people will choose them, if not...

@happybeing @aral so web3 supposed to be one of those alternative solutions

@thecyberd3m0n @aral not the web3 people are talking about, blockchain DeFi etc. What I'm helping with is quite different, see mastodon.technology/@happybein

@happybeing @aral looks interesting. I'd like to see blockchain-less (and bank-less) crypto. Good luck!!

@thecyberd3m0n @aral you can follow the weekly updates from the developers (every Thursday) at ttps://safenetforum.org

@aral I have signed it, but I have still some questions:

-Why blockchain is all bad? Not all blockchain projects are money-oriented.

-Yes, NFTs and tokens alike are heavily bargained which I dislike but aren't they any less bad than centralized currency and private property sustained by the state?

@yutyo 1. Environmental impact (not all blockchain but anything based on proof of work) 2. Intent (remove the potential to make a billion dollars and see how many projects cease to exist) 3. And perhaps crucially: neither are required for topological decentralisation.

@aral so which decentralized web projects can be an example of web0 by now? Only examples I know are GNUnet and Bittorent.

@yutyo @aral Based on the criteria shown, Safe Network qualifies though I'm not sure if that's intentional. You can read about the goals and values in the Safe Network fundamentals: safenetforum.org/t/safe-networ

@yutyo @aral
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- peercalls

@aral @yutyo PoW has the problem we know, but PoS basically means "the more resources you have, the more power you have". It's literally naked Capitalism
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