@aral I have signed it, but I have still some questions:

-Why blockchain is all bad? Not all blockchain projects are money-oriented.

-Yes, NFTs and tokens alike are heavily bargained which I dislike but aren't they any less bad than centralized currency and private property sustained by the state?


@yutyo 1. Environmental impact (not all blockchain but anything based on proof of work) 2. Intent (remove the potential to make a billion dollars and see how many projects cease to exist) 3. And perhaps crucially: neither are required for topological decentralisation.

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@aral so which decentralized web projects can be an example of web0 by now? Only examples I know are GNUnet and Bittorent.

@yutyo @aral Based on the criteria shown, Safe Network qualifies though I'm not sure if that's intentional. You can read about the goals and values in the Safe Network fundamentals: safenetforum.org/t/safe-networ

@yutyo @aral
- xmpp
- email
- activitypub (pelorma)
- rss
- peercalls

@aral @yutyo PoW has the problem we know, but PoS basically means "the more resources you have, the more power you have". It's literally naked Capitalism
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