@aral FYI, I can't read your blog due to a lack of contrast. I tried but I just can't. :_catsad:

This is what I see, and I even put more light on my phone but it didn't help. :x

@eloisa @aral looks like some styles didn't load, maybe try refreshing or using a different browser?

@trwnh @aral I tried it twice before sending the toot and it still got the same visual. Rn I'm seeing it all white-ish, and reading just fine! Phew!

@aral Did you see that I tried to sign, but my mail provider does not accept mail from your site?

@aral I agree on the points. Do you think there's any positive angle on `web3` though?
I mean lot of people focus on negatives which makes sense but do you think there are some innovative and inclusive stuff that can come out of this?

@aral nice framework. I would add Typescript support to more typed and bug-free coding experience.

What if my project growns big (because of npm modules?). Is there they for lazy-loading them?

Often home site should be small (for displaying mainly static content) and app needs to be loaded afterwards (after user logs in).

Also - server side rendering? If my site is dynamic it will be not rendered properly by bots.

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