I hate noreply@ emails, don’t you?

When you sign the web0 manifesto, you get an email from computer@… If you reply, the computer responds and CCs us in so we can help.

It was ~150 lines of code to implement using the smtp-server package.

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@aral Awesome. It’s so frustrating when you’re not able to directly react to a message. Also, noreply addresses are a huge missed opportunity: replying eliminates the need to establish context in communication, freeing up time to talk about the important stuff instead of having to find common ground.

@me Well, generally speaking, yes, but then you rather provide an address in the content of the email that people can reply to, as you don't want 1000 "I'm currently not in the office"-emails in your inbox.

Sadly, this horrible practice of automated answer emails still exists.

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That's one of the greatest idea I saw in a very long time.

I usually include things very close to that in webforms so that the team can directly respond to each requests and everyone can see the answer as well.

@aral thank you for making this. I signed it the other day.

Regarding the bullshit of web3, you might be interested in this:

basically, the ACM is giving web3 creeps a platform from which they can legitimize their Ponzi scheme building climate destroying inequality intensifying technology.

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