You know, this is really irresponsible: was just looking into /e/ OS and the Murena Fairphone and apps are installed from a third-party app repository run by fuck-knows-who.


CC @Fairphone

@aral @Fairphone ugh and they keep shutting down issues asking for clarification. huge red flag.

Don’t make it such a big deal, @aral, #flatpak and #snap also install packages uploaded by anyone and it’s totally secure thanks to sand container or something!

@aral @Fairphone
They could have legal reasons not to use/recommend Aurora Store to their users, idk, but I have to admit that I don’t see much reason to use /e/ over #MicroG enabled #LineageOS

@aral I use F-Droid and Aurora Store exclusively on my /e/ FP3. Perhaps the problem is that it is not allowed to redistribute the packages. Nobody would write they name on an illegal repository. @Fairphone

@aral @Fairphone /e/OS is just a distro of LineageOS anyway. I used both (also on the Fairphone) and really didn't see any benefits over vanilla LineageOS.

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