Cast iron skillets are the best; so glad I found a couple in the homeware store just down the road. Not only are they – contrary to popular belief – easy to maintain (just rub with rapeseed oil or similar and heat to season and use hot water and a towel to clean) but they also add iron into your diet… magic! ;)

Oh, and the more you use them, the more non-stick they become.

I cooked eggs on mine today and I’d only seasoned it twice and used it once before; it’s already beautifully non-stick.

@aral and you CAN clean them with soap no problem. It used to be a problem with lye based soaps but modern soaps don't use that. But the myth continues.

@peregrine Yeah, indeed. Though hot water and a towel have been working for me so far and its already got some lovely seasoning :)

@aral yep! Too many people in my life use that as an excuse not to use it “too hard” or afraid to clean it.

@aral @peregrine I’ve also heard course salt for scrubbing. In practice, I’ve never done this and use a brush.

I've done salt + brush for things just brush struggled with and it works great!
@aral @peregrine

@peregrine @aral I just had this conversation when I used some soap to help get egg bits off. 😆 She was very insistent my pan was ruined after that.

@peregrine @aral
I grew up cooking on those pans and I'd never heard that soap was any real problem, just pulled the seasoning off so you wipe it down with a little oil, big deal...

@aral Yes, this! I nice skillet is a true buy-it-once purchase, and it genuinely works better than any fancier skillet.

And yes, maintenance is dead simple: use it, then wipe it clean. I guarantee our ancestors didn't spend days looking for the perfect seasoning method.

@tek @aral Speaking of ancestors, I use my great grandmother's cast iron skillets on my induction hot plate. 150 year old pans on 21st century stove 👍

@tek @aral Cast iron doesn’t have to be expensive either since I’m not sure how it could be improved.

I do like a good SS pan though. Mainly to toss stuff. 😁

@jollyrogue @aral Yep. It's not exactly high tech. 😀

For example, this is what I'd recommend people start with:

$28 is a great price for a skillet, let alone a really good one you'll have forever.

@tek @aral Lodge is good stuff. I do like the 10” better then the 12” though.

@jollyrogue @aral Fair. I have to feed an army, so I'd been eyeing the 15. 😀

@aral truee!

Washing it with soap actually doesn't destroy the metal it just takes away the layers of hard fat which usually makes the pan much better

so sustainable too!

we need more cast iron content on the fediverse!

Plus, it doubles as a home protection device;)

@aral Plus you can make amazing deep dish pizzas. (Although the tomato sauce does take it's toll on the seasoning)

@aral Something about reseasoning my cast irons is therapeutic. I use a more modern and lightweight ceramic and aluminium diet :D

@aral The fact that I wouldn't be able to use cast iron is the one reason I still prefer gas over induction
@aral wait a minute i just googled this again and it looks like it will work? For some reason i was thinking it wouldn't. But I guess you'd risk scratching up the cooktop.

@aral Yes! A fellow cast iron ethousiast! I love cast iron! I got a casseroles, a dutch oven, three pans in different sizes, a pan with a grill and a wokpan, all found at the second hand shop for next to nothing! Seasoned them with lineseed in the oven. I wash them with normal soap and scrub them with a very handy coconutfiber-scraper. They work like magic! Also the fact that they retain heat makes them ideal on an electric stove.

I never got mine to the "fry a egg in them" level of non-stick yet. Is it really as simple as heating them up with some rape-seed oil?

Last time I looked into this my take-away was that there are two ways to go about seasoning. One is multiple hour long sessions with specific oil in a oven, and the other is just seasoning through use.

The first seemed too much effort, so I opted for number two.

How long/hot etc do you do the seasoning?

@aral We use cast iron for almost all our cookware. The other benefit is that you get a workout every time you get them out of the cupboard. #heavy

I love my #castIron. I appreciate the pieces that have a milled interior more. Few modern manufacturers take the extra step, but I feel that it is well worth the premium that they charge.

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