Just tried a multi-distribution image on my UBPorts edition PinePhone and I’m actually really impressed by Mobian on it.


(I mean compared to the others; the original-generation PinePhones will never be anyone’s daily driver.)

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@aral It's never gonna be any normal person's daily driver, but this is the Fediverse, remember?
I think quite a few people here are daily driving it (hell, I still haven't lost hope of daily driving it myself ^^)

@silmathoron Yeah, but I forward my posts to *spit* Twitter ;)

@aral OFC that was never the premise of these devices.

Otherwise you'd have brought a Fairphone or a Shift Phone instead...

@k3vk4 Indeed. Just wanted to mention it so no one went out to but one thinking they could. The stuff I say here doesn’t just reach tech folks :)

@aral no question about that...

I mean it really has the potential to become a #WatchDogs-Style "#HackerPhone", but I'd argue that even for me that thing is unpractical compared to a #Fairphone 3+ with #eOS and #FDroid.

@aral I've settled on #Mobian so far, and it's improved a _lot_. Also I got Signal working so that's a huge win :)

@aral I'm just glad it has the support it got despite the lacklustre specs. The future of 'ethical' phones looks good with the Librem 5 and Fairphone (albeit not libre) in the mix.

@aral it's more that "it's keeping my hope alive that a fully open Linux phone (with reasonably few concessions) is possible in the 3-5 years timeframe.

(I also just ordered the keyboard, as I think in the "palmtop" category it might be a really interesting offering given the built-in 4G modem 🤔🤔🤔)

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