“Qu’est-ce que le Web3 selon vous?

Aral Balkan: C’est simple, c'est du bullshit”

My interview (in French) for L’ADN magazine.

(I mean, we spoke for an hour; this is just a tiny summary. I’m waiting to hear back from Elsa to see if she’s happy with me sharing the whole video of the interview.) :)

@aral this is exactly how we french people would say about web3 subject : "c'est simple, c'est du bullshit" 😂

@aral Cool interview, thanks for being with us!

Cool cet article merci ! Ça m’a permis de mieux comprendre pourquoi c’est du bullshit. Chouette de savoir que tu parles aussi français ;)

@samuelroland Thanks, happy to hear it helped but I only speak a tiny bit of French, sadly. Enough to understand what you wrote but not enough to reply in kind (the interview was held in English and Elsa translated it) :)

@aral okay. thanks for the precision :)
I'm a fan of your toots by the way.

@aral they forgot to translate the word “bullshit”, I suggest: “carabistouilles”

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