Ethereum is a Raspberry Pi that needs as much energy as Finland to function.


Aral, where did you get your preposterous lies about Ethereum’s energy consumption, you snowflake communist cuck?

Me: Umm… *checks notes*… the Ethereum Foundation?


@aral This type of stuff is reaching its limits, because if its energy use continues at the current rate then it will turn into something akin to a national security problem.

Also this is a global pyramid scheme, so when it eventually collapses there could be some economic fallout. Think Albania, but world scale.


".. and for that amount of energy we proudly manage to do on average 1,000 times less daily transactions than people do on credit cards"

@aral well that's back-of-the-napkin estimation that is not on that site :)

@hkqd @aral

I used some metrics from ethereum daily transaction charts [0] amounting to ~1.2 million a day in 2022 and credit card transactions in 2018 [1] amounting to 1.01 billion a day. With the pandemic I wouldn't be surprised if credit card payments have increased significantly.



@aral This is surreal. I almost catch myself in believing this is a hoax. It can't be real right? People must have noticed when they compare the benefits vs the cost right? This is a real joke. This is surreal.

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