So I just hand-rolled an initial distribution bundle for NodeKit. Contents:

- nodekit bundle (main process): 1.8MB
- es module loader bundle (0.9MB)
- esbuild (Linux 64): 7.8MB

Compressed: 3.8MB
+ Node.js 16.13.2 (compressed): 21.6MB
= Total (inc. Node.js): ~25.4MB

Compare that to the Site.js Linux binary (which also included the Node.js binary) and it’s half the size (51MB vs 25.4MB).

Chuffed! :)

PS. Tune in tomorrow to see an early demo:

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PS. Unlike Site.js, NodeKit will *not* be a single binary or come bundled with Node.js. So insofar as NodeKit itself is concerned, we’re talking about a 3.8MB compressed bundle to update.

(It will download and install the version of Node.js it needs unless it is already installed.)

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