Small Is Beautiful #15

This month, we extend a friendly middle finger to web3 with the web0 manifesto, talk about Laura’s presentation for Ikea on ethical design, and introduce you to NodeKit.

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Bloody hell, looks like my audio has drifted out of sync with my video again somehow. Shouldn’t even be possible as the Blue Yeti mic is now going into the Sony a6400 camera via analog and the audio + video should be coming out synced from the camera into the Atem Mini Pro.


@aral the Sony alpha series are pretty crap for video features and polish IME, so I’d blame it for not delaying the audio to match the video delay. The ATEM Mini & Mini Pro support delaying audio on mic inputs (as of a June 2020 firmware update) so maybe you can bypass the Sony and go directly to the ATEM? Or if it’s constant, compensate the delay in camera with the ATEM.

@aral oh also the link to nodekit in the description is borked

@aral Nice progress! I'm looking forward in reimplementing my personal website using nodekit for funsies and to provide feedback, once nodekit is stable enough.

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