Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by business models.

There are many business models that are designed to fuel stupidity and malice... in ample supply.

Business models allow creation of life which in turn 'forks' people and forces them to choose food or the other way... 

So while stupidity and business itself can be the focus, it's also thinking of about solving the ultimate ultimatum:

- Work for government or registered company (get some food, some money, perpetuate the bad)
- Face starvation (less food, less money, more 'illegal' ways from default legal construct, more jail time risk or exchanging life back to account for initial false creation)

So this may be the basic equation that reinforces perpetuation for replication of the same situation.

I'm interested in solving that to slowly bring it back into our hands. It can be done if the way is cleaner and purifying a bit.

Business models are tools by Hunters / Governments that falsely value life and allow life to be stacked on top of imbalances expecting everyone to do whatever it takes (jump for your dinner).

Government and it's Groups enlist others to do it's plans even at the lowest levels, hunting, using people and resources while everyone feels 'forked'* by their own existence. (*chess position)

Extra Reading:

Hope that helps,

@aral a big eye opener for me a year or so ago was in really starting to understand that almost all seemingly "irrational" behaviour we see in others is actually completely rational if you look behind it to see their priorities and available information

usually this was in the context of classist mocking of poor and disabled people but your post shows it works to modify upward punches too

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