Problems we face today:

❌ Climate crisis
❌ Systemic inequality
❌ War, poverty, and disease

Silicon Valley’s solutions:

✅ Blockchain
✅ NFTs
✅ Billionaires in space

What planet are these people on?

@aral but still have to use US's services... (others are just paid...)

@aral the working class and the employing class have nothing in common

@aral I don't mind billionaires and millionaires in space. It's the letting them come back down part i take issue with.

heh. funny, but
have you watched elysium?
even if they stayed up there, they and their minions would still screw us down here

@lxo I didnt say anything about letting them have space stations...

Also i like Elysium, but the reverse seems more likely. Bezos is already talking about blasting the workforce into space so he and his can enjoy golf course earth or whatever.

that's just because he hasn't played space golf yet

getting golf balls into black holes is so much more fun ;-)

To them climate change isn’t a problem to be solved but a pretext to force fuel poverty on people so that they can enjoy cheap resources for their desires. Central bank policies have only worked to accelerate ecological disasters to make them richer.

These people are true supremacists, they essentially believe they are the real human beings and the rest of humanity are simply a waste of ‘their’ resources the moment they can be replaced.

@aral The main problem this planet faces today: humans.

@aral and virtual reality so you can hide from the world you’ve created. From the people that learned nothing from scifi.

@aral There are many planets but our economy is unique.

@aral and then you still forgot:

✅ Metaverse

At least you can make that lush and green when the planet attains more Mad Max qualities. And "planting a billion trees" also gets easier along the way :)

@humanetech @aral It would make more sense to stop cutting down forests.

@aral The problems at the top require government policy. Capitalists can't do much to help poverty as long as helping the poor shows up as a loss-making activity on the company's books. Same with climate e.g. if there's no carbon price (set by govt), there's no commercial incentive to improve.

So, complain at your government(s).

@aral block chain could help balance inequality by taking control of finance out of the hands of big governments and colluding bankers. I don't know about the climate crisis, just what those governments and bankers tell me. As for war, I think if these banks didn't have control of the financial sector maybe they wouldn't be funding so much war [which might lead to less poverty].

Not saying it fixes everything, but why do so many people hate on blockchain when it's the only offering I see that provides an off ramp from the madness we're dealing with in todays controlled and manipulated economy?

@aral Sorry Silicon Valley hasn’t lived up to your expectations, but I’m a bit flummoxed as to why we expect Silicon Valley to solve these problems when we can’t get Washington DC or any European government to even pass a carbon tax. Like, literally the people whose jobs it is to solve these problems.

@aral At least Google is helping design fusion reactors. WTF has DC done?

@aral To answer your rhethorical question, they are in this planet:

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