By buying Russian gas and oil, we heat our homes and fill our cars with the blood of innocent Ukrainians.

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@al1r4d Reduce immediate consumption as much as possible (which might be uncomfortable and that’s fine) and invest as heavily as possible in transitioning away from fossil fuels in general (for every reason: climate change, national security, etc.)

@aral Most electronic devices are made by resources extracted by slavery workers and even kids on mines and I don't see anyone stopping to buy devices. NATO has did much more damage and no one did anything for them. I'm not saying Russia is right to invade, just saying you only care when it affects Europe, that's kinda racist.

NATO initiated wars of aggressive invasion are not a thing, are they? Are you thinking of UN mandated actions?

@bonifartius @rochelimit @blkpws @aral no, for oil and petrodollars.

I cannot talk to those anymore who say you have to travel to become a better or complete human. Normie travel means bombs since the 90ies. Pretty directly.
-> The essence of boomer fuck you got mine attitude.

yeah, a favourite of mine are city dwelling people eagerly doing everything the green party wants while flying around the globe for vacations, shittalking about my diesel car at the same time.
@rochelimit @blkpws @aral

@bonifartius @rochelimit @blkpws @aral gee

I liked Kachelmanns twitter when he raged against the Hölzöfenmachine XD

In other news, the military is one of the worst oil consumer....

@blkpws And you reached the conclusion that I only care when it affects Europe because… oh, right, because you actually didn’t bother to check what I’ve been publicly saying for years regarding anything else before deciding I’m racist.

Lovely. Thanks. Goodbye. Blocking me so I can't reply you is so rude, you got mad at my words but let me explain to you why I said that. Not saying you are racist, I'm saying the words "Buying resources from Russia to heat your house with blood of innocents" are big words as we use resources from others countries being abused/murdered by NATO army and big capitalism companies and you aren't including them. Again, NATO did much worse things.

War, Computers, Energy,,,, Lifestyle Speed... 

@aral To be honest, it's a good point, perhaps stronger in sentiment, and knowingly I'm increasing intensity a little and make comparison BUT given that disclaimer I think it's either VERY similar or perhaps it's exactly the same so thing also about this:

It's a bit like telling TECH PEEPS not to use Amazon S3 servers <----- AMERICAN back-ends

(America does war 24/7)

It's my opinion tech people don't see how tech heavy it is ALREADY (like oil and gas) and in their own realm it's naturally and habitually hard to get out of being blind or accepting the mix of habit, your specialisation, addiction, job, creativity, inventing things... ALL FED nicely... without realising it gives opposition consumption, surveillance and same tools while as American harvests more money and power through European connection to them.
And possibly arming them with the next more useful code they can plugin to their own more resourceful matrix.

All-you-can-eat for computers under false pretences it's ok.
" Try NOT to click. "
What a fucked up tagline but makes sense like not consuming / buying your oil and gas from Russia.

@aral @janci It can be done not only at the borders; there's at least one guy in Poland, who takes licence plates from such trucks. They won't be able to cross the border and usually well before they even reach it they'll be hold by police or transport inspectors.
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