If we taught every kid in school what kids of the wealthy and powerful are taught at home we would have societies full of sociopaths.

Instead, we have societies of mostly decent people led by a relative handful of sociopaths.

I feel we should probably do something about this.

@aral @StroomAfwaarts I just wonder in what ways sociopathy helps to perpetuate it, if you had something specific in mind.
What comes to my mind is probably use of (structural and not) violence as well as having some grip on the currently held ideology

@movonw @aral
hmm I think expensive boarding schools do a lot too. They're old boys networks and cultivate harsh hierarchies and a total lack of empathy.

Some schools have service and charity projects, but those don't challenge the status quo, and just give the students a reason to think they do everything right, because they give to charity. (so why do poor people hate me?)

. never apologize.
. say »you are welcome«, not »thank you«

Poor or Rich same and not so 'sociopaths' because 

Hard to see what you're referring to considering there are some similarities that I feel are JUST AS important - here a quick list freestyled:

Poor or Rich same because
- Money is main thing in life
- Money is never scrutinized / causes too many emotions to talk about when it is and so therefore avoided / assumed irreversible
- Money is not understood
- Money helps us survive (rich people may use it feeding off the poor but still they are surviving in their own way similar to how we profit but at a lesser %).
- not giving time to people or doing somethine else to solve even the 0..0001% of any problem
- They don't want to take it on their shoulders and put themselves in the way of the avalanche rolling for some time now.
- Most people need to be lead
- Parent didn't want to tell them the truth even if they knew
- People are catching up to the 'technology' of change in wealth itself which is a massive extension shooting off in multiple ways arguably too large to cover since most of us ultra-dedicated hit middle age just realising ourself)
- Many I could list which is perhaps just inverse for what people know as rich or poor (again arguably not much) and then on top what is 'good' or moral etc... another half missing past just sayings and passed on phrases (equally can be meaningless or just sentiments without knowing how to get there)


Most of this is by force as environment (and some is inherited etc and just embraced a lot more). Still quite same even if needs not as dire.

It's morally questionable for me how irresponsible everyone is at bottom or top. And then for example finding it hard even to get conversation here is a reflection of people being scared, excuses, simply not planning time well, having family (of course but what about others?),,,, etc a million excuses same for everyone...

So for your post another great feeling and sentiment but I'm sorry I'm finding a pattern where *** you're not clear how or what kids of the wealthy and powerful are taught at home*** but anyway as ambiguous as it might be all classes just about don't have much of a clue and somewhat as human nature we rape / take and don't know how to give back enough to keep everyone alive (without pretending in a system that takes from us and then we are more motivated to steal from ourself!)...

And if you didn't have experience,...

Games and dynamics can be insatiable / uncontrollable... easy to see just from personal experience game playing is insatiable like

- hitting the pinata until every last thing comes out
- chopping all the trees - getting most possible first
- running things until it's empty
- going too fast / max speed and not realising what else it burns up / damages
- eat all the sweets or not share them
- never want to give anything free (jealousy, envy, personal judgment, cruelty, own standards, protection, government fear etc)

Scratch surface by putting anyone in similar habits with effectively nothing else to do (unless you consider Mastodon message etc) and not taking to each other and fixing psychology (which is what "for the way" what I think) ... so replacing it instead with only these designed spaces and mentalities (mental ill-thinking inherited / copied from past) makes them as you say 'sociopaths' but all of us are finding it pretty hard to share or even understand money (lately MUCH BETTER but cognitively still feeling the metal in hand feels and passing increasing debt around feels like something better than plastic monopoly tokens getting worse as each turn goes while banks laugh the mice).

And the telling either kid the only way to win this game (if you're super moral) is to die since they were born in a false bubble and that's the only sure way to equalise money (I could be wrong here but what the heck! Don't mean to distract) <--- main point is that it's a hard choice however you want to put the money game ultimatum.

OK BIT LONG HERE I KNOW BUT IT'S NOT HEAVY OR BIG DEAL (only for humanity I'm hoping will catch up). For me this is FAST / LIGHT - HAPPY TO TALK IN PERSON AS USUAL in between sharp feelings of powerlessness...


It's strong in us as humans AND in the habit-training of modern life... we also got nothing else better to do AND nothing else possible (or it's something someone answer or talks to me about because I've been literally trying for YEARS FULL ON)... just like having a job or starving while others do the same... sociopath(?) to survive in the game setup or even partake in what is supported. It's not merely a change of browser software and hard not to use change anything else but money.

It's by design AND people go with it - some head-first or breed into it / inherit,, and then some just trying to stay out of trouble bowing constantly and- BOTH ARE IGNORANT and don't see how in the end we have to come as 1 people's and slowly we have contractions and tractions of this... but still in the end have to come out of these onion skins of thinking else will not fall foul.... as from the beginning they have it setup very well..

and by admiring that together perhaps there is room to counter it... but it needs some of our other 'game' playing time and audio chatting (not just text)... I'm still here for those who want.

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