Privacy hack: if you want to share a link to a Twitter thread elsewhere and you don’t want people to be tracked by Twitter, Inc., replace with


@aral I would be useful if there were a #Mastodon instance that would automatically replace all #Twitter links with a randomly selected #Nitter instance.

@Suzie97 @aral Shit. *It* would be useful… We need to be able to fix typos without breaking the thread.

@koherecoWatchdog @aral the latest mastodon release has added support for editing support, but it will be implemented in the web app once a majority of servers have been updated.

I like using ; It supports nitter, invidious, scribe and other alternative frontends, and it redirects at click time rather than post time, to an instance known to be up.

Unfortunately it's currently not compatible with the Privacy Redirect firefox plugin, as the plugin assumes that the link will go to the root of the host and farside uses a single domain with /nitter/ etc.

@aral nitter also has rss feeds, so you can follow people with your rss reader instead of the terrible twitter clients.

@aral For "receiver" side, I use Nitter Redirect browser extension.

@aral @johnfocker

I‘m using Privacy Redirect since a while and it‘s pretty good. It helps to avoid lot‘s of advertising and tracking.

@aral @alcinnz I do this with YouTube->Invidious always, but ppl are often sketched out by the weird domain they’ve never seen and they don’t even realize it’s YouTube. Ah well, at the same time that just means I’m helping propagate awareness of privacy-respecting alternative front-ends. I often end up mentioning , , etc.

@amatecha @aral What I do: add a "(YouTube via Invidious)" parenthetical to any such links. And I try to link to different Invidious instances each time.

@apps Fedilab does that for a number of websites: twitter, YouTube, reddit etc.

@aral Even people who aren’t bothered by sharing personal knfo should use notter as much as possible. It loads in seconds and so dang comfortable to use.

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