You know what, fuck German comfort. I couldn’t care less about German comfort. Or my own comfort here in Ireland. Fuck our comfort. People are fucking suffering and dying in the worst possible ways for fuck’s sake. AND WE ARE ENABLING IT. How devoid of humanity are we?

@aral Yes, sure, big surprise.... After our societies handled all the other big problems from the last 20 years in such a great and convincing way, like climate, silicon-valley-owns-the-world, covid, and all kinds of things. It's really a big surprise that they _now_ collapse into an embarrassing pile of poop...... Wait; no........

@aral terminal stage fossil addiction. fuckin farce.

@aral Politicians, uncomfortable choices and re-elected etc etc. Always the same story.

Sweden's parliament vote to ban russian oil and gas (mostly symbolic, not much volume or money on a European scale, especially since oil companies have already stopped voluntarily) failed due to a) "move only in unison with the EU" (most of them, especially Social Democrats) and b) "bad optics to give the Greens a win" (Conservatives).

The fact that they feel comfortable giving the second reason to the press is a typical example of how devoid of humanity our elected representatives are.

hate propaganda is making you guys angry. it's war propaganda, don't be a sucker
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