Twitter about to become Musk Social.

I bet some of you are very happy to be on the fediverse right now. I know I am :)

@aral I am too, and not only because of this

Tried twitter for a bit some time ago, and it was a pain in the ass in the UX, and the community there just wasn't great

@aral No doubt the death sentence that this social network deserves 🤔

@danslerush I don't think it'll die just yet. Probably in a few years more though... sure.


@ru Yes, you are probably right … the force of inertia 😌 @aral

@ru @danslerush @aral A form of, well, not "sunsetting", but making sure that it gets more and more rickety, to the point of being (more) unusable, perhaps?

@aral :ablobcatbongo: elon musk has the right to buy twitter 😍

@aral There seems to be some creaking of the servers right now. Can’t imagine why 😂

@aral @ianbetteridge That’s a great problem to have, if you ask me 😛

@ilyess @ianbetteridge Yes and no. The last thing we need is another centralised node getting so large that it becomes what it was trying to avoid.

@ianbetteridge @aral Absolutely! It might be worth it to explicitly promote small-to-mid-size instances during the onboarding process on official #mastodon mobile apps. Not sure if this is already the case.

@aral i've not been using tw*tter for 9 months now, and seeing this i just deleted my account. To be honest I had to do this way earlier :)

ownership of centralized social media 

@aral to me the fundamental problem is the concentration of power not whether its run by a meat-powered proffit-maximizing algorithm ("joint-stock corporation") or one dude with a knack for self-promotion who people bond around hating

ownership of centralized social media 

@bookandswordblog Indeed. And power in the hands of one person is the ultimate in concentration of power :)

@aral feel like mastodon is my OG Twitter experience back when I start using twitter more than a decade ago I think :)

very genuine and just people trying to have fun here.

@fahru Indeed, that’s basically the majority. But remember that anyone can set up an instance and there are instances set up by fascists, etc. The good thing is, you can block whole instances and a lot of instance admins are on top of that stuff too.

@aral @fahru block everything from the very beginning and you will be safe

@aral I left Twitter several years ago. I really was unhappy with how easy it was that it would get very toxic, and even with the "good people" because it just kind of is bad overall, and it would spill into everyone's timeline.

@aral musky wusky is a bad wacist and leech to susiety 🥺

@aral I just signed on to this community because as a longtime Twitter user I am now looking for a new venue.

@aral I’m not abandoning Twitter just yet, but the fuse is very close to being lit 🔥💣🧨

@aral I am taking this chance to spread the propaganda of fedi. 😈

@aral Maybe this will finally bring some more people over here.

@pete @aral I’d be really interested to see what the new subscriber numbers are over the next few days.

@UnDrewsual @aral I’d imagine the admins of at least larger instances would be able to track the influx. I’d be very curious to read a number as well.

@aral I just quit Twitter and this is my first post here.

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