Hello folks dipping their toes in the fediverse :)

Please make sure you fill out your bios and make an introductory post so we know who you are and follow you.

If you’re here after following me from Twitter (sorry, Musk Social), ping me and let me know so I can follow you back.

Welcome! :)

@aral Was already on the fediverse for a while and following you here.

@aral enjoying the change in tone here already, hello!

@msadmin Oh my goodness, please tell me you’re a parody instance :)

@aral I’ve not been in here for a couple of years. For some reason I’m back today. 😉 Nice to see the welcoming message.

@aral i'm here in part from following you on Twitter 😁

I was on Mastodon very early on but fell out of it because there weren't enough people. It feels very different and much more accessible now!

@nielsa Hey, welcome back! And that’s great to here. It really have come a long way in the five or so years since I joined :)

@aral Hello Aral! Thanks for the welcome 😄 I saw a talk on Small Tech a while ago, so your name is familiar to me already!

@aral Aral. Is that gentleman (musk) the same one who is polluting the skies? Oh no!

@neilbutler Hey Neil, welcome to the fediverse.

If you get a chance, please do set up your bio and make an introductory post so people know who you are and can follow you :)

@shauncbryant Welcome :)

Do try and set up your bio and make an introductory post so folks can find you.

@aral Thanks to you (Twitter) I’m now trying to get familiar with mastodon 😆. Still searching for the best iOS client (something like Apollo for Reddit)

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