Loving GNOME 42 so far.

However, what’s that “<app> is ready” notification when you want to open something (e.g., show a downloaded file from the browser in Files?)

I really don’t care to know that the app is ready and then click on a notification to have the app show. Just show me the app! 👀

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@aral Something that's annoyed me in the past too. There's a GNOME extension out there to auto focus the app instead of showing the notification, fwiw

@osslate Do you have any idea why that’s an extension and not default behaviour.

That notification shouldn’t exist.

@aral No idea really. I imagine there are bug reports on GitLab about it but I haven't checked. The GNOME Design channel on Matrix might be a good shout to find out more also.

@osslate (And thanks, by the way, I’ll seek it out but I’d rather not install any hacks on this system if I can help it.) :)

@aral No worries! As far as extensions go, it's pretty minimal in terms of what it touches in GNOME Shell. Should be an option though, even if it's a hidden GSettings/GNOME Tweaks thing.

@osslate Just tried the two I found on GNOME 42 and while they both hide the notification; neither actually focuses the destination window (at least when opening something downloaded in Firefox in Files).

@aral I've noticed that and thought it was a bit weird. Is it an accessibility feature?

i sometimes get really annoyed at applications that force themselves into focus when i want to finish the thing i am doing at the moment and start something that takes a bit longer to load to use afterwards.
guess others have the same problem. this happens especially when rebooting, as i have 3-4 programs i always use and have them assigned to autostart.

but i get your annoyance about how it behaves atm. too.
would be nice if you could set the behaiviour globally and per application.

@aral It is a deliberate design decision. A application should not have the right to steal the users focus whenever it wants. It does mean that there are cases like this where something is not implemented correctly and the window is incorrectly denied focus, but I think that is a small price to pay.

@aral It was designed that way to keep you from losing focus on what you are doing. I personally hate it when a window pops up and takes focus when I'm in the middle of something so I prefer it this way.

Although it happens with apps like Signal, where instead of getting just a new message notification, you get "window is ready" and then also a new message notification.

@aral For what it's worth, I like it. On slower computers (or bulky apps) I like to open something and then keep doing what I'm doing. I hate when I'm on Windows when I open SS Management Studio and a minute later it throws an app in my face that isn't even fully responsive yet.

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