Folks: Oh we just can’t stop talking about the metaverse!

Also folks: You should reconsider calling it “the fediverse”… sounds very technical, will alienate people…

Something tells me it’s not really about the name.

@aral maybe the alienation is a free form of moderation? i understand some folks want twitter #2, but I'd dip.

@aral I do quite often just use "the federation" instead when actually explaining to newbies.

Just to try and reduce the number of new things to have to explain all at once. They mostly seem to already get that "the federation" is the systems that federate.

Is anybody actually talking about the metaverse? :ablobthinkingeyes:

@just_a_frog No one you need to waste any time listening to, no. And yes, lots of folks.

@aral "fediverse" or "federated" sounds like "moderated" and does sound like some big arm of authority hand picking the toots and such. But I ignored that for the first week, then actually looked at what it was yesterday, and it's a cool thing.

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