“Advanced” is usually a euphemism for “badly designed.”

@dredmorbius @aral. like "military grade security" is an euphemism for "we dont really know what security really is.".

@aral Wouldn't say so. For example, DWM is a good product with there goal of a low sized WM in mind. It's not made for people who don't know C.

Similar to that is Gentoo. Portage is designed so you kinda have to know what you wanna do before doing it (or you recompile everything every few weeks).

"Advanced" or not doesn't matter. It's the documentation that counts. Windows is also advanced when you have no idea how to use a computer. It's all about learning and learing from the right sources.

@JustArch64 @aral Both DWM and Gentoo are poorly designed, "RTFM" is not gonna solve that.

@aral Also a euphemism for "we don't believe in user testing"

My experience is that the “advanced” button hides what product team know it’s important but only a few people would click. Not enough people to make it a priority.

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