Somebody reported me to myself, y’all. How’s your day going? :)

Hint: if you don’t like my comparing Israel to Russia, go tell Israel to stop acting like Russia.

(And find out how the fediverse works before you go making an arse of yourself trying to censor me on my own personal instance.)

@aral hahaha … so glad you can’t be censored man, thanks for being so outspoken! Even when we don’t agree on things I truly appreciate your perspective.


@mrls Oh, I can be censored… just not on my own instance :) No one has to listen to me (they don’t have to follow me and they can block me or my instance… the latter two are the same thing, really). The only thing they can’t do is to remove my thoughts from a place that I own and control. Just like you can’t come into my house and take away a lampshade just because you don’t like how it looks :)

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@aral @mrls well, Aral, I'd like to report to you that your lampshade is hideous. Moderate your lampshade.

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