Dear distribution makers: take all the energy you spend creating themes and invest them in improving your overall experience, contributing upstream, and creating a nice dynamic wallpaper instead.

You’re not going to improve on stock GNOME 42.

This is not what I would have said in the past but I’m hugely impressed by the latest version and, more importantly, the direction they’re going. And sad to see the wasted effort that slows down releases and ties up vital development effort.

@aral What's so special about 42? The most obvious change is the switch to a horizontal desktop, but I find that to be a downside. Not a deal breaker, I'm still deciding between upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 or switching to Fedora, but still.

@evilroda The change to horizontal workspaces is from GNOME 40, not 42 👀

Mainly what stands out in GNOME 42 is the new dark mode setting, which makes use of a new standard that was created, which does not require changing the GTK stylesheet and is completely desktop agnostic.

There is also the new design that some apps bring thanks to libadwaita.

@aral absolutely right.
Its similar to hardware manufacturers installing their own bloatware when shipping a computer.
Focus on the functionality, not the looks.

Full disclosure: I don't use a DE, but I will support this cause.

Dear #FreeSoftware developers: help distributors spend a lot less energy struggling to package your work, and help them to contribute improvements back upstream.


@aral Pop!_OS says different. 🤔

They think making yet another DE will sell more of their computers.

@desikn And more power to them (but not too much power, of course) :)

@aral My only gripe with it is that applications not using the new libadwaita don't change to dark/light theme automatically, it's an inconsistent mess (there are workarounds, but workaround nonetheless), other than that I'm happy with it. I understand that a lot of people aren't, but I'm one of the lucky ones for which their ideas really align with my workflow. I don't even have the need to use extensions.

@random_usr0 Nautilus and Firefox are not using libadwaita, and yet they're still able to switch to the dark mode following the global setting :thinkingwithblobs:

@nahuel @random_usr0 yep, the dark style is a FreeDesktop convention we pioneered on elementary OS that GNOME improved on and adopted. LibAdwaita supports it for apps by default, but is not required at all. Other libraries (Granite, LibHandy) can support it, or apps/toolkits can just listen for the relevant setting directly.

@nahuel @random_usr0 GNOME Web is another core GNOME app not (yet) using LibAdwaita but supporting the dark style for its UI and websites.

@nahuel True, It's always up to the developers in the end. I was referring specifically to "older" gnome apps, like the terminal, sure a new console was launched but it's still in beta or rc I believe. Same thing happened in mobile, several apps took awhile to adopt the system theme

@random_usr0 Actually the new Console is not in beta, but it's stable. The problem is that it's not as complete as the old terminal app, so not every distro is going to adopt it

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