Tiling Assistant is an excellent extension for managing window tiling, including support for gaps.

(Now updated for GNOME 42.)

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@aral just use a real tiling window manager (hint hint.. sway)

@aryak Nah, I still have a social life :P

(Seriously, though, I don’t want auto tiling. I just want to be able to tile stuff manually easily and when I want to.)

@aral @aryak what does tiling window managers have to do with social life ;o :3

@imacrea @elementary Was; got a new computer, wanted to try stock GNOME 42 :)

@aryak @aral I was tempted to say the same, but I resigned myself to thinking he may be baiting us... 😄

@aral just re-enabled it now, after I saw your post and I have to say it's perfect now. I love it.

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